Friday, November 28, 2014

Fine Art America and a new Etsy shop

Gazing Towards Great Island - Sengekontacket Pond, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard 2014
Acrylic on Canvas by Tina Siart Boylan

I have recently joined Fine Art America where I have many paintings that are now available in print.  You can purchase prints on canvas, metal and paper as well as greeting cards!  Directly through this site you can also choose a frame, mat and glass (if you choose the paper option).  I have tested the site out by ordering a replica of one of my paintings on canvas, one on metal as well as greeting cards.  I am very pleased with the quality as well as the prompt delivery (your order ships within days!).

The link is here:     Fine Art America - Tina Siart Boylan 

I have also started a shop on Etsy and have yet to figure out how to get any traffic... hopefully this will be a place where I can market some smaller works.

The link to my Etsy shop is here:   Etsy - Paintbrush In Hand

I have one small Christmas show booked for Thursday, December 11th at Antioch University in Keene, NH.  I will have my small nest and hydrangea blocks as well as greeting cards and a few medium size paintings.  

"Lavish" 6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas

Children's Stool

"Home" 4" x 4" Acrylic on Canvas

Hope everyone is well!  Happy Holidays... Tina

Friday, March 28, 2014

New work - 2014

Experimenting with Crackle Paint - 2014

There is something about crackled paint that I am attracted to.  I wanted to experiment with it on some of my paintings.  I used two types of crackle paint in this 24"x 36" acrylic on canvas.  On the turquoise door I used a white crackle paste that I mixed with color and then spread on the canvas with a palette knife.  The crackle on the large pot is a clear crackle paint that I painted over the color once it was dry.  As the crackle dries, it cracks and you can add a layer of paint to land in the cracks.  The following is a large painting where I used both techniques.

 The crackle below is the crackle I applied after the painted pot was dry.
 The paint on the door is the crackle paste. I mixed it with color and spread it on with a palette knife.
 Another close-up of the pot:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Stool and how it became "Her Perch"

 In past posts I have shared that I have painted several floors in my old house to add a touch of character and "one-of-a-kind-ness".  This floor is one that I did in my dressing room (and temporary studio).  I began to refer to my house as 'my nest' after I did this one.  When I started to plan for the Waldorf show this year I thought that I should have a stool to sit on.  I remembered that I had an oak stool in my basement so I dragged it outside, gave it a good brush off and base layer of white.  I brought it up to my "studio" and set it on this painted floor.  Lightbulb moment.  The Stool became my perch.  Thus:  "Her Perch".  Although I had no plan to sell it at the show,  I could have sold it at least 10 times.  Someone even gave me an idea to paint little ones for children and that is in the works.  I have already purchased 3 unfinished mini stools.

I decided to part with this stool and thought the perfect way to do this was to enter it as a donation into the juried Stonewall Art Auction for Spring 2014.  The event is coming up in a few weeks.

Waldorf Holiday Art Fair November 2013

Summer 2013 Acrylic on Canvas

Art Walk 2013